How to Register

Upon your initial visit, we will give you an registration pack. Parents can secure a place at Broomwood Montessori with a £250.00 deposit. This deposit is refunded against the last set of fees. Fees at our setting are charged termly and at present are £1,425 per term (subject to yearly change). There is an additional charge of £45 per term for sports, £50 for Drama and a one off charge of £22.50 for the first term for a nursery smock and bag.

Universal Funded Hours

As the parent of a 3 or 4 year old, you are entitled to up to 15 hours of free childcare for up to 38 weeks of the year (academic year). Working parents may be entitled to an additional 15 hours (30 Hour Offer). You may have your free hours at Broomwood Montessori. However, because of our particular circumstances, high operational costs, and services offered over and above the minimum required by the EYFS, including our Montessori curriculum, there will be an "additional package of service charge".  We would like to make you aware of this before you accept a place with us.


You will see this additional package of service information detailed within the terms and conditions. The 15 free hour amount will be deducted from your termly invoice the term after your child turns 3. The eligibility dates are provided by the EECP department at Wandsworth Council. Please note- we do not have control over these dates.


You must fill in the EECP Parental Declaration form every 3 months to claim the funding and to confirm that you are not claiming the hours at any other setting.


Whilst we do not offer 30 free hours, if you think you may be eligible for the additional hours, and would like to split your entitlement with an afternoon setting (30 Hour Offer), please visit this link for more information: or