"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

We set out to assist all children attending the nursery to attain their maximum potential within their perceived capabilities. An individual record of each child’s development is maintained, showing their abilities, progress and areas of needing further staff assistance. We acknowledge that children learn in different ways and at different rates and plan for this accordingly.


The staff are very aware of the importance of the positive play environment for the child, so they may develop good social skills and an appreciation of all aspects of this country’s multi-cultural society. Planning of the learning experience by the staff is further designed to ensure, as far as practical, equality of opportunity between all children and celebrates diversity.


We promote the relevant Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to support and enhance children’s learning and development holistically through a play based curriculum. We view all aspects of learning and development equally important and ensure a flexible approach is maintained which responds quickly to children’s learning and developmental needs. We develop a tailor made curriculum according to individual needs, which is based on observation to inform planning and draws on children’s needs and interests. This is promoted through rounded approach delivered with a balance of adult led and child initiated opportunities both indoors and outdoors.


We acknowledge parents as primary educators and encourage parental involvement as outlined in our parents as partners policy. We build home links through planning to enhance and extend children’s learning internally and externally.